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Hersham Aluminium Gates

Prices start at £1281.60 less 15% discount +VAT =£1307.23

Aluminium gates which retain the tradition look of wooden gates, yet due to their sharp looks and powder coated finishes, makes them not only suitable for older properties but more modern contemporary properties.

  • No movement, rotting or repainting.
  • Maintenance free, just a wipe down with a soapy cloth will bring them looking like new.
  • 5  Years warranty on powder coating a structural integrity of gates
  • Various design, colours & sizes to choose from.
  • Lightweight
  • Other powder coated colours available P.O.A
  • Suitable for highly saline environments, no special surface treatment required before or after installation
  • Availability 2 to 3 weeks

All aluminum gate prices include free of charge delivery to mainland UK

Gate colours available:

Black (RAL9005) and Grey (RAL7016).

Available sizes:

  • Height: 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm.
  • Width: 3000mm, 3250mm, 3500mm, 3750mm and 4000mm.

Modified width sizes available for this design on gate P.O.A

Five-year manufacturers guarantee.



  • List prices are shown in the table below (Order now and you’ll receive a 15% discount on these prices).
  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • All prices include free delivery to mainland UK.

3000 width

Hersham-01 Double swing gate 3000x1600mm Black £1,281.60
Hersham-02 Double swing gate 3000x1600mm Grey £1,281.60
Hersham-03 Double swing gate 3000x1800mm Black £1,396.80
Hersham-04 Double swing gate 3000x1800mm Grey £1,396.80
Hersham-06 Double swing gate 3000x2000mm Black £1,516.80
Hersham-07 Double swing gate 3000x2000mm Grey £1,516.80
Hersham-09 Double swing gate 3000x2200mm Black £1,632.00
Hersham-10 Double swing gate 3000x2200mm Grey £1,632.00

3250 width

Hersham-11 Double swing gate 3250x1600mm Black £1,353.60
Hersham-12 Double swing gate 3250x1600mm Grey £1,353.60
Hersham-13 Double swing gate 3250x1800mm Black £1,478.40
Hersham-14 Double swing gate 3250x1800mm Grey £1,478.40
Hersham-16 Double swing gate 3250x2000mm Black £1,608.00
Hersham-17 Double swing gate 3250x2000mm Grey £1,608.00
Hersham-19 Double swing gate 3250x2200mm Black £1,728.00
Hersham-20 Double swing gate 3250x2200mm Grey £1,728.00

3500 width

Hersham-21 Double swing gate 3500x1600mm Black £1,430.40
Hersham-22 Double swing gate 3500x1600mm Grey £1,430.40
Hersham-23 Double swing gate 3500x1800mm Black £1,560.00
Hersham-24 Double swing gate 3500x1800mm Grey £1,560.00
Hersham-26 Double swing gate 3500x2000mm Black £1,694.40
Hersham-27 Double swing gate 3500x2000mm Grey £1,694.00
Hersham-29 Double swing gate 3500x2200mm Black £1,824.00
Hersham-30 Double swing gate 3500x2200mm Grey £1,824.00

3750 width

Hersham-31 Double swing gate 3750x1600mm Black £1,502.40
Hersham-32 Double swing gate 3750x1600mm Grey £1,502.40
Hersham-33 Double swing gate 3750x1800mm Black £1,641.60
Hersham-34 Double swing gate 3750x1800mm Grey £1,641.60
Hersham-35 Double swing gate 3750x1800mm Black £1,926.72
Hersham-36 Double swing gate 3750x2000mm Grey £1,780.80
Hersham-37 Double swing gate 3750x2000mm Grey £1,780.80
Hersham-39 Double swing gate 3750x2200mm Black £1,915.20
Hersham-40 Double swing gate 3750x2200mm  Grey £1,915.20

4000 width

Hersham-41 Double swing gate 4000x1600mm Black £1,574.40
Hersham-42 Double swing gate 4000x1600mm Grey £1,574.40
Hersham-43 Double swing gate 4000x1800mm Black £1,723.20
Hersham-44 Double swing gate 4000x1800mm Grey £1,723.20
Hersham-46 Double swing gate 4000x2000mm Black £1,723.20
Hersham-47 Double swing gate 4000x2000mm Grey £1,723.20
Hersham-49 Double swing gate 4000x2200mm Black £2,011.20
Hersham-50 Double swing gate 4000x2200mm Grey £2,011.20
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The accessories available for the Hersham Gates are below:

All prices are less 15% +VAT

Photos 1 & 2 – Wall mounted hinges for gates:

Adjustable hinges with fixings, which can be fixed to aluminium, timber and steel post or brick piers £11.52 each

Photo 3 – Floor/Surface hinge for gates:
Adjustable floor/surface mounted hinge with fixings £9.60 each

Photo 4 & 5 – Sash lock & handle set:
Fitted Sash lock with handle set in black, for manual gates £102.03.

Photo 6: Gate stop for double gates:
Black finish gate stop, surface mounted with the ability to latch a floor level £15.36

Photo 7- Locinox drop bolt:

Supplied Grey RAL7016 0r Black RAL9005 £41.29 

Photo 8-Locinox lockable drop bolt:

Supplied Grey RAL7016 or Black RAL9005 £59.65

First holes to fit the Locinox drop bolts on gates, should be drilled 80mm up from the bottom of the gates. We also recommend fitting Locinox drop bolts when gates are closed to site them correctly.

All prices are +VAT 


Fitting Instructions

Aluminium Flanged Posts

Gate posts available in the following colours.

Sandy Wood, Sandy Grey, Sandy White, Sandy Black.

Matching aluminium flanged posts are available and can be used in the following instances;

  • Stand alone: For when there is no wall to mount the gates to.
  • To fill a gap if the width of the entrance does not match the available gates.

Posts are available in the following sizes and colours:

All Prices are less 15% +VAT 

Code Size / Colour Unit Price
01p 100mm x 100mm x 2400mm Aluminium post Black £101.76
02p 100mm x 100mm x 2400mm Aluminium post Grey £101.76
04p 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm Aluminium post Black £144.00
05p 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm Aluminium post Grey £144.00
07p 150mm x 150mm x 3000mm Aluminium post Black £168.00
08p 150mm x 150mm x 3000mm Aluminium post Grey £168.00 
10p 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm Heavy duty aluminium post Black £184.32
13p 150mm x 150mm x 3000mm Heavy duty aluminium post Black £216.18

Five-year warranty for structural integrity and powder coating.

Posts can be cut to required size and finished off with the corresponding aluminium post cap. Posts can be bolted down using the flanged base or concreted in if no stable ground is available.

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