Many of our customers have asked, what is the difference between our joinery & paint grade Scandinavian Redwood Softwood, Wooden Gates & Traditional Side Hung Garage Doors, so please find listed below the main difference.

Paint grade Wooden gates & garage doors.

  • Stub mortise and tenon joints.
  • Un-treated.
  • 5th Grade Scandinavian Redwood Softwood (quite knotty), although most of our competition use this grade of timber, as it is cheap.
  • 14.5mm Thick TGV cladding.
  • No bevels/chamfers on ledges and braces.
  • No moundings on glazing bars for garage doors.

Joinery grade Wooden gates & garage doors.

  • Through mortise and tenon joints on the majority of doors and gates.
  • Clear base coat treated with a penetrating clear wood preservative.
  • U/S Joinery grade Scandinavian Redwood Softwood, which at least some of the cladding will be knot free.
  • 17mm TGV cladding.
  • Bevels/chamfers on ledges and braces.
  • Ovolo or other moulding on glazing bars for garage doors.

Hopefully above gives you a better understanding of the difference between our paint & joinery grade Scandinavian redwood softwood gates and side hung garage doors.