Reasons why you might require Side Hung Wooden Garage Doors

  • Trying to keep properties original features.
  • Wanting garage doors to match as close as possible to front door.
  • Need wooden garage doors with a modern contemporary look.
  • Require more light.
  • Require good security.
  • Need better access to get in and out of garage.
  • Require more height to get a higher vehicle in a garage.
  • Want dummy doors to disguise an office/ work/ living area behind.
  • Couldn’t get an up and over small enough.
  • Need bespoke wooden garage doors split like stable doors to have good ventilation in summer.
  • Timber frame building needs closing off.
  • Oak frame building need feature garage doors in keeping with building.
  • Need to try a match glazing area of existing house windows within glazed garage doors.

These are just some of the reason why you might require wooden garage doors for your property.