Made to measure Colchester Accoya Wood Gates

Keeping up with contemporary design gates, produced from various other products, we are please, to offer our Colchester gates in Accoya wood.

Unlike Composite and Aluminium gates Accoya wood gives you a natural feel which will never be replaced by other man-made products.

Accoya wood is produced from radiata pine trees and treated with a special process called acetylation, outperforming any hardwood species.

Benefits to using Accoya wood:

  • 50 Year warranty above ground
  • Doesn’t visibly swell, shrink or distort
  • Takes paint finishes very well
  • Resistance to rot and insect damage
  • Eco-Friendly: Accoya wood is made from sustainable timber
  • Cost effective, it speaks for itself, durable and long lasting indoors and out
  • Acetylation process is non-toxic

Considering above benefits, Accoya wooden gates are outstanding for automation or manual operation.

We will be manufacturing these gates at our production unit in Surrey, offering standard and made to measure sizes. We can also offer matching side panels and fencing loose or assembled.

As a price guide for a pair of Colchester gates 1800mm high x 3600mm wide x 57mm thick

Unfinished ready for painting £2050.00 +VAT

Professional 3 coat spray paint finish with an option on colours £2950.00 +VAT

So, if you are looking for durable, eco-friendly, and natural material for your gates Accoya wood is the right choice for you.

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